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16th century Japan.
Aiming to make their warriors invincible, ambitious warlords turn to forbidden magic: shadow gates. The gates lend unhuman strength to the warlords and their armies, while distorting their bodies and their minds. The corruption streams forth from the gates, consuming more and more provinces. The few remaining clans have to unite to make a stand against the forces of darkness.

The players will side with one of the warring factions: the Keepers of the Gates or the Free Clans.

The game is utilizing the following features: hidden agenda, territory control and hand management. Each side has its own unique asymmetrical card-based mechanics for performing actions: moving forces, conducting rituals, initiating battles, building defences etc. The objective of the game is carrying out personal hidden agendas. The game uses highly detailed miniatures and a large playing board.

"Shadow Gates" is an asymmetrical card-based, bag building and area control game,

for 2–4 players (2–5 players with expansion), Age:12+


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